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Eurail Global Pass

Eurail Global Pass is the most flexible Eurail Pass, and best for people who want complete freedom on their travels. It gives you unlimited train travel to 24 countries in Europe, and you’ll be able to use the Eurostar, TGV trains, TGV Lyria, Thalys , AVE high speed trains with Renfe, Frecciarossa with Trenitalia, and the ICE trains to maximise your country intake. Plus you have a choice of flexible or consecutive travel days.

Eurail Select Pass

Eurail Select Pass is the Eurail pass is an excellent choice if you want to visit a few countries close to one another. You can visit three, four or five bordering countries (out of 24 European countries).
For example, you may want to take the TGV Lyria from Paris to Geneva and then travel to Germany to visit Berlin and Munich to Frankfurt on the ICE trains, and then down to Vienna and Salzburg, and finish off in Rome. You can do all this with the Eurail Select Pass.

Country passes

OK, so you may just want to travel to one country. Here are a few examples of different passes:
Italy - Take a romantic trip to Venice and Rome and then explore the Tuscan countryside in Italy with Trenitalia and the Frecciarossa high speed trains - the Eurail Italy Pass will be perfect for you.
UK - Travel around the UK and Scotland, and we can get you great deals on the Britrail Pass and the Britrail Central Scotland pass.
France - Get to know the real France with the freedom of the France Rail Pass.
Switzerland - Hop on an off, with the Swiss Pass, and explore the mountains, lakes and cities.
You may want to visit more than one country on your trip. We have the double country passes, like Denmark and Germany, or the European East pass, where you can see the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Austria and Hungary, or the Balkan Flexi Pass which gives you the freedom to visit seven countries in one month - Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Romania and Turkey.

Wherever you want to go in Europe, we have a rail pass for you, which will make your journey by train faster, easier and more enjoyable.

Seat reservations

Remember, even with a pass, it is best to reserve a seat and you can do that exclusively with us, online.

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