Spain : RENFE

Renfe is the modern, extensive and efficient railway system that makes train travel in Spain delightful. Renfe Operadora (RENFE) is Spain’s state-owned major railway operator; they offer every level of rail service, from local destinations to high-speed InterCity links

The Spanish State railways are under development with major transformations and modernisation in process on their 15,000 km of railway. The AVE, the Spanish High Speed rail line, has made long distances shrink over the years. The high-speed (300km/h) rail line for Spain’s AVE service between Madrid and Seville became fully operational in 1991. The second high-speed rail line that Renfe operates from Madrid to Barcelona was completed in 2007. With the AVE and Renfe, you can easily visit the major cities such as Madrid, Seville, Malaga, Barcelona and the latest destination, Valencia which is just 1 hour and 38 minutes from Madrid.

Renfe is also constantly updating the Media Distancia network and travelling times between major cities are being reduced all the time.

RENFE also operate the moderate-speed Alaris line between Madrid and Valencia. The Media Distancia network is also constantly being updated and travelling times between major cities are coming down all the time.

Moreover, RENFE operate commuter trains known as Cercanias in eleven metropolitan areas, including Madrid and Barcelona.

RENFE are committed to helping the wider community through culture, education and sport. They support many activities, especially those with a special link to the world of railways.

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Our tips

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  • Renfe also offer the Avant services. These are Mid Distance services especially designed for short journeys on high-speed trains linking Seville-Malaga, Madrid-Toledo, etc.
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