Swiss Travel System


The public transport system in Switzerland, the trains especially, mean something very special. It’s no coincidence that the Swiss are world champions when it comes to rail travel.

The Swiss Travel System includes an impressive network of 20,000 train, bus and boat kilometers and an attractive range of tickets which enables visitors from abroad to travel in comfort within Switzerland. Leave your car behind, you won’t need it anyway. The motto is "the journey is the destination", so lean back, relax and enjoy the trip when it starts right at the airport and brings you as far as the highest railway station in Europe.

And don’t forget to experience the king of Swiss trains – the panoramic trains like the Glacier Express, GoldenPass, Bernina Express & Co. are worth the journey at any time of the year. And with the family card children up to 15 years travel for free with their parents. Start planning your holidays with these exciting ticket options.


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