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The ancient cradle that’s still rocking

Hot, passionate and chaotic, at first sight the classical capital of Western civilisation appears to be buried under concrete but further exploration reveals ancient temples, Byzantine churches, neoclassical townhouses and a hedonistic late-night party scene.

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Italy-greece trip during christmas My parents and I are planning a 10-day Christmas trip to Italy and Greece. We are planning to start from Rome, stay for 2-3 days, the Florence and Pisa for 3 days, Athens for 2 days and nearby small islands for a few days. Which kind of pass is (...)

Xi H. | 2017/11/20 answered | 2 Comments
Europe vacation with family and kids Hello Folks, This is a slightly specific set of questions. I have planned trip to Europe with my family (wife, myself and kids - 7 and 4 years) in May 2018 (hope I don't come across as paranoid :) ) London->Paris Paris -> Zurich (...)

Kiran S. | 2017/10/10 answered | 2 Comments
Athens, zakynthos, santorini, rome,milano and venice Hi, I would like to seek for your assistance to check which pass should I buy for our trip for total 10 ppl. My plan as below. Arrive Athens on 15 May 2017 will direct go to Zakynthos and back Athens on 17 Maly 2017 by rail or bus and ferry. 18 (...)

SYER R. | 2017/04/15 answered | 0 Comments
Travelling by trein to london Hi, I want to travel from Athens to London by trein.I have travelled some years ago in Europe using the global pass,but I don't remember if the price of the railpass includes all the extra fees.Where could I ask about the cost of this trip,so as (...)

Xristina P. | 2016/08/16 answered | 0 Comments
Europe travel croatia, greece, paris, italy HI am trying to find out the best way to get between these places between 10-30th july. wanting to end in paris. not concerned about the other order. Starting in barcelona so will be leavintg their on the 10th but was thinking of flying this (...)

alex s. | 2016/04/14 answered | 0 Comments

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