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Figueras, ah! Catalonia!
Favoured touristic destination of many visitors and easily reached by train, Figueras is waiting for you in the northeastern part of Spain. This city of Catalonia is close to the french border and to the wonderful beaches of the Mediterranean sea. Be sure that Figueras has everything you need!

About Spain

Figueras is particularly known to be the home town of the famous artist Salvador Dali. The Teatre-Museu Dali is a museum completely devoted to the painter’s life and artwork.

Close to the museum, you will discover one of the biggest fortress in Europe: the Saint Ferran’s castle. It was built by Juan Martín de Cermeño during the 18th century to protect the country against the french invasions. The ramparts give a beautiful point of view onto the Ampurdan’ s plain. Discover the toy museum or the Sant Pere’s church.

And if you just want to laze about the sand, the mediteranean beaches are less than 30 minutes away from Figueras.

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Help with planning travel please need help with planning travel from figueres spain to peschiera del garda italy.

beverley b. | 2015/07/01 answered | 2 Comments
Paris to bruges area, to figueres, and later to benicassim and bordeaux...time for a rail pass? Hi there! I'm visiting Paris for a family event, then I will go to Bruges and then to Figueres, Spain. Since after that itinerary I need to go to Benicassim, Bordeaux and back to Paris (all within a month) I wonder if I'm better off buying a (...)

Marty C. | 2014/08/06 answered | 2 Comments
Book tickets from figueres to barcelona I want to book 3 tickets from figueres to barcelona on 24th August. Can u help please?

Julie J. | 2014/05/21 answered | 0 Comments
Train route What is the itinerary for train 9371 between Marseille and Madrid?

Kim S. | 2014/03/20 answered | 0 Comments
I want to travel from figueras, spain to avignon Travel will be 4/26. i know i can take tgv from Figueres Vilafant to Montpelier or Nimes and change to local train but when i do a search system will not return any trains or schedules.

Donald D. | 2014/03/07 answered | 0 Comments

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    Delay appallingly handled | Teong l. | 2013/11/20
    "The train to Paris Gare Lyon was to leave Figueres Vilafant (where I boarded) at 5:20 PM. it left the station punctually enough. However, when we got to the next station (Perpignan), we were told that strong winds had caused disruptions to power lines and, as a result, the track from Perpignan to the next station was not prperly set. The solution was for everyone to alight from the train at Perpignan and take a bus (provided) to the next station to continue the journey. To my understanding, the track at the next station had been amiss since 3-ish PM (2 hours before the start of our journey). Despite that, Rail Europe had arranged only one bus on standby at Perpignan to transfer the passengers. Needless to say, one bus was barely sufficient. So the bulk of the passengers waited at the Perpignan station for just over 2 hours for the next train to arrive hoping that in the meantime the track at Perpignan would be set right. All along, it didn't seem anyone was really in charge - there were sometimes conflicting indications from the rail employees. It really was quite an appalling state of affairs. All in all, the total journey was delayed for between 2 and 3 hours and arrived in Paris way past 2 AM (not including taxi queueing time!). If you take Europe Rail, cut yourself some slack as delays (for all kinds of reasons) happen more often than you'd expect and, frustratingly, quite a tolerated scenario, especially in France. The delay was unfortunate as everything else was good. "