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The complete opposite of Edinburgh

Glasgow, the scottish "dear green place" awaits for you

Warm and welcoming, Glasgow is jam-packed with culture, shopping and non-stop nightlife. The hard days of No Mean City are a distant memory to the new generation who only have eyes for designer clothes and exotic cocktails.

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The largest town of Scotland is well-equipped with museums such as the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum which is ideally located in a magnificent monument in red sandstone. Use the occasion to stroll in one of the most delightful parks of the town, the Kelvingrove Park.

The high number of grassy areas got Glasgow nicknamed "The Dear Green Place". Take time to discover the cathedral of Glasgow. Built from the 13th century, it’s the only Scottish medieval cathedral that remains after the Scottish Reformation.

Don’t miss the Victorian necropolis, a very attractive curiosity in Scotland and only symbol of the Victorian Glasgow still visible. And let yourself be tempted by the local specialty: the "deep-fried pizzas".

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