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Orpington, an authentic english town close to the capital

While visiting London, why not stop for a moment in Orpington, a nice, peaceful and green suburb of the Greater London? If your wish is to experience England in its most authentic shape, then Orpington is exactly what you are looking for.

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Birthplace of the the evolutionnist Charles Darwin, the town of Orpington is also a place where the charms of Kent will get you. Before tea time, be sure to have a look at the "All Saints" Parish church whose origin stem from the pre-Norman era.

Then there’s the priory and the old hospital, that are highlights of Orpington. A town whose fame also resides in diverse species of chicken and ducks. There, you will find a pretty pastoral touch, only a couple of minutes away from London.

Take a good book, sip a warm tea and let a halo of tranquility surround your senses. Now this is Orpington.

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