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Padua is a city of art. Donatello left a legacy of sculptures and Giotto a masterpiece fresco. Pilgrims flock to Saint Anthony’s corpse in the 14th-century basilica. Padua university is one of Europe’s oldest, dating back to 1222, lending the city a spirit of scholarly youthfulness.

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Trains are a convenient way of reaching many towns and cities throughout Europe. The majority of cities in Europe have a minimum of one train station, while larger, more populated cities have two or more stations. Train stations, in general, are located in the heart of the city. Review the map below to get an idea of where the train station(s) in Padua can be found.

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How to travel from munich to padua how to I get from Munich to Padua?

becky j. | 2014/10/09 answered | 0 Comments
The ticket privce going up every time i try to buy it !!! help!!!!!! hi, I try to book atrain frome munich to padua (IT) every time I choose aticket and try to book it I had some problems (internet or somthing else) but the when I try agin second later the price is going up (50 euros more every time) even until (...)

daniel s. | 2014/09/02 answered | 0 Comments
I want to travel from paris to lourdes , bordeaux , fatima , lucerne , florence , assisi , padua , rome , london , advice on a (...) I want a good option by rail to travel to these locations, grouping the cities in a manner it saves time and travel days.

Santosh C. | 2014/07/24 answered | 0 Comments
How can i get from barcelona to padova italy what are the options to travel from Barcelona Spain to Padua Italy

Karilyn L. | 2014/05/14 answered | 0 Comments
Train verona to padua with bikes We are four people traveling from Verona to Padua with 4 bikes. Would like to know about schedule and prices. Thanks

MARIA M. | 2014/03/18 answered | 0 Comments

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Customer reviews

  • Value for money
    Magnificent Experience | Ramy e. | 2014/09/08
    "It was a life time experience to travel by train from Italy to Munich. Although the journey seems quite long (6 hours) but the scenic route between the mountains, hills and rivers was enough to give you the best experience ever. For sure, I'd like to repeat this experience again. "

  • Value for money
    Lovely staff:)  | Cheryl b. | 2014/07/16
    "I had a lovely pleasant journey on the frecciarossa train to milano. The staff were very nice and friendly. I had a first class ticket. But was sitting in second class. The ticket inspector kindly told me I was in the wrong section and told me to go ahead to first class. Would definitely use this train again and again. :) thank you "

  • Value for money
    TVA | Robert w. | 2014/07/01
    "Train stations are not anywhere near as 'friendly' as airports. Directions to your train/plane should be equally clear. Any transfers should be articulated by the agents when purchasing tickets. Finding the WC, should be quick and easy. The few representative that were near the platforms were generally helpful. I assume that most people who asked questions of those representatives are un-accustom to riding the trains, as we are. Therefore, we travelers experience a lot of stress at the stations. "

  • Value for money
    L.Wheeler : Paddington/Taunton | Lesley w. | 2013/11/04
    "The train was very quiet despite its speed and my seat was comfortable. I didn't have the need to get any refreshments from the facility available. The train (as far as Taunton) was reasonably empty which made the journey nice and peaceful. "

  • Value for money
    smooth trip good service | Enigul s. | 2013/10/28
    "The train from Padova to Plorence was clean and organizrd, very pleasant rip. I wish ther could be a way of knowing whether the seat faces forward or back when the reservation is made. I can not ride facing back "

  • Overcharged  | . | 2013/03/26
    "Rail Europe charged me 41 euros for his ticket but I discovered that buying in on the day should have cost more like 12 euros "

  • A bit late but fine | . | 2013/03/26
    "The train was fine, but looking at how much it should have cost if I'd bought it from the train company it was overpriced, the toilet was broken on one end of the carriage and had no paper in the other, and somehow lost time in the last few stops so instead to having 15min to get from this to my connecting train I ran and only just made it onto my next train as the doors closed behind me. So it wasn't ideal. "