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Your VIP shopping experience at Fidenza Village with Rail Europe

Unlock VIP shopping discounts at Fidenza Village fashion and lifestyle boutiques when you book any train ticket to/from Milan or Fidenza. In this charming open-air Village, discover more than 120 boutiques with prices reduced by up to 70% off the recommended retail price. The Village is open seven days a week and is just one hour from both Milan and Bologna.

For Second class travellers:

  • A VIP Card offering a 10% further reduction on the Fidenza price in any boutique
  • Complimentary hands-free shopping service 
  • A complimentary welcome drink in The Concierge guest lounge
  • A complimentary roundtrip in the Shopping Express shuttle from Milan, or free shuttle service from Fidenza train station

For First class travellers:

  • Enjoy all the shopping benefits of Second class
  • Exclusive offers in more than 50 boutiques, including additional savings of up to 20% on the Fidenza Village price
  • A 10€ voucher to use in any one of the Village restaurants

Offer ends December 28, 2018.