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In Slovakia, let your feet dance to folk music.

The national railway company of Slovakia is known as Železnice Slovenskej republiky (ŽSR). Train tickets for trains operating in Slovakia can be booked in advance. International trains connect Slovakia with neighbouring countries such as Hungary and Poland. Book train tickets to visit main cities of Slovakia by train. Slovakian cities including Bratislava, Žilina and Košice are all served by trains.


Use the InterCity train service to link your visit to the capital Bratislava with Žilina and Košice, two of the biggest cities in Slovakia. You’ll find authentic architecture, historic centres and old churches in Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Secession styles.


In Slovakia the train tracks follow rivers and break through mountain valleys, making it the perfect way to view the countryside. The highest station Strbske Pleso is 1320 metres (4330ft) above sea level, ensuring some fantastic scenery. Visit the castles, especially Spiš Castle in Spiš, it’s one of the largest in Central Europe.

Take Home

Ceramic objects, crystal glass, carved wooden figures, črpáks (wooden pitchers), fujaras (a folk instrument on the UNESCO list) and valaškas (a decorated folk hatchet) usually top the souvenirs lists. Visit local artist exhibitions; you might be able to pick up something special.

Food & Drink

Food in Slovakia is heavily influenced by the bordering countries, but while you’re there you must try the native specialties. Try Bryndza, a special type of traditional Slovak cheese and Jaternica, a blood sausage containing parts of a butchered pig and rice – trust us they’re both delicious.

New Perspective

Check out the UNESCO World Heritage marked Dobšinská Ice Cave in Dobšinská, easily accessible by the OS 7781 train through Slovakia. At 1483 metres (4865ft) long it’s an amazing underground experience with an average freezing point temperature.

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